Meet IT

So I’m sure you are wondering what IT is? Is he a transformer, a cue ball, the brother of HAL? We know that many of you question what IT really is. But let us tell you…

  • IT is what allows you to send and receive emails with clients.
  • IT makes sure you can print those important contracts and orders.
  • IT makes it possible to share documents and spreadsheets between you and your coworkers.
  • And YES – IT allows you to surf the web.

You see, IT is an integral part of our team here at Accelerated IT, and we’d like to show you how Accelerated IT can be an integral part of your company’s team.

Our President, Nathan Speer, has grown up taking apart and building computers for companies and residential customers all over Western Massachusetts. It’s this continual problem-solving curiosity that drives us to continually improve the business computer systems our customers use to run their day to day operations.

Our Services

  • We sell computers
  • We fix computers
  • We make your life better, it’s pretty much that simple.